Since 1911, Saint Vincent's Day Home has served Oakland children of the "working poor".  Early on, the Sisters of the Holy Family were able to locate the establishment at the 1863 Queen Anne House at 1086 Eighth Street.  The home started serving 32 children and has since then served over 35,000 (1).

The Day Home offers early education preschool, kindergarten classes, and after school services.  It helps students from families--mostly single family--who live at or below the poverty line. In addition to education, the Day Home has a history of offering services such as nutrition, family aid, referrals to social services, and health services.

Health Screenings (2)

Contact Information

Saint Vincent’s Day Home
1086 Eighth Street
Oakland, CA 94607-2616
Phone: (510) 832-8324
Fax: (510) 832-5021



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