Ryan Coolger is an American film director and screenwriter.1

He was born on May 23, 1986, in Oakland, California. His mother, Joselyn (née Thomas)is a community organizer, and his father, Ira Coogler, is a juvenile hall probation counselor.  He lived in the Bushrod Neighborhood in Oakland. 

Coogler lived in Oakland, until age eight when he moved to Richmond, CA.  He went to Saint Mary's College High School, a private Catholic school in Berkeley, CA.  He attended Sacramento State in Sacramento, CA  DATE?  where majored in finance and took film classes.  He also attended USC School of Cinematic Arts in Southern California. DATE?, where he made a series of short films.



Black Panther2

On Thursday, February 15, 2018  Coogler took to the stage of the Grand Lake Theater to greet fans before the premiere of his new movie  Black Panther, based on the Marvel Comics character of the name.3

Coogler told the audience  I just wanted to swing by and say thank you to you guys for taking time on a Thursday night to come see the film,” according to social media reports.


Full-length films

Date  Title Director Writer
2103 Fruitvale Station Yes Yes
2016 Creed Yes Yes
2018 Black Panther Yes Yes



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