Russell Guerne de Lappe (January 9, 1897 – August 11, 1955) was an architect active in the 1920s through 1940s.

de Lappe attended UC Berkeley for both undergraduate and for a master degree, and after being licensed to be an architect, worked with William C. Knowles from 1923 to 1926. Venturing out on his own in 1926, de Lappe kept an office in the Claremont Hotel.

While some of de Lappe's works are in Modesto 4 where his parents lived 2 and elsewhere in California, his works in Oakland include:

  • UPS depot - 310 - 24th Street with distinctive gate (appears to be part of Oakland Acura) 1
  • Enos Tower - 1515 Oak Street (never built; Noble Tower now at 1515 Lakeside Drive) 3

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de Lappe was born January 9, 1897 in Santa Rosa to Frederick "Fred" Russell de Lappe and Edith Guerne (de Lappe). Fred was a medical doctor, and Edith was the daughter of George Guerne, the Swiss immigrant for whom the town of Guerneville is named.

During WWI, de Lappe was an ensign in the U.S. Naval Reserve, and worked for their department of public works. 5

Russell married Doris Wilson (de Lappe) about 1920, and they had two children, Guerne Wilson de Lappe and Suzanne de Lappe. Guerne became a doctor (medical examiner) like his grandfather.

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