Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe
photo from Our Oakland

Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe is a fun diner featuring American style comfort food that also serves alcohol and is open late. They have two locations: one in Emeryville which opened in 2002, and the second location is in Oakland's Uptown at 1805 Telegraph Avenue. The restaurant was named after the 1979 song Rudie Can't Fail by the British band The Clash.

The restaurant is in the same building as the Fox Theatre, and has a special entrance from the restaurant into the theater for ticket holders.

Restaurateur Steve Mills, along with co-owner Mike Dirnt, bassist for the band Green Day, established the first Rudy's.


For those folks that like diner food, Rudy's is a great place to go with friends and family for delicious food at reasonable prices. There is something on the menu for just about any tastes, including some yummy vegetarian options. Wonderful place for birthdays, graduations, brunch with the grandparents and late night munchies! The kid's menu has lots of nutritious yet fun food options for the little ones. And the wait staff is always super nice.

Rudy's was the recipient of the East Bay Express Best Late-Night Food Readers' Poll Award in 2014 and 2015.

Won 2014 "Readers Choice" Best BEST BREAKFAST / LUNCH, BEST DINER, AND BEST LATE-NIGHT MUNCHIES in Oakland Magazine.


Not everyone is a fan; some think the food is quite bland and heavy on the starches/brown food.

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