Photo CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 by KarenRod Dibble has played the piano at The Alley on Grand Avenue in the Lakeshore neighborhood since 1960 (!). With over 4,000 songs (American Standards … no rock ‘n roll) in his repertoire, Dibble played for years, five nights a week, for five hours at a time. Since his heart attack in late 2012, he’s cut back to 2–3 nights a week. On Friday nights he starts at 9 pm.

A table/bar built over the piano has 4 microphones for patrons to sing along. Under the piano is a box full of binders containing lyrics to many of the most popular songs in Rod’s repertoire, so guest singers needn’t memorize them (though few seem to need any reminders). Dibble rewards guest singers who do an especially good job with a blast of cowbell.


Rod Dibble sign at The Alley
photo from Our Oakland

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