Rock Paper Scissors Collective is an Art Collective. Rock Paper Scissors Collective hosts free and low cost community workshops, and Icarus Project Support Group, Rock Paper Scissors has a youth program, collaborated on social justice art exhibitions and other community based events.

They originally had a storefront on Telegraph Avenue in Uptown. They held art exhibitions at any time and were an original founder of Art Murmur and First Friday. The also have a zine library in their collection which is temporarily in storage. It served as inspiration for the Hot Chocolate Lounge. Rising rents forced them to move out in August, 2015. Then they had space at Flight Deck, at 1540 Broadway. Here's a photo of the empty storefront.

RPS was the recipient of the East Bay Express Best Place to Build Your Zine Collection Award in 2014.

RPS was the recipient of Inner City Advisors Non Profit of the Year

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PO box 71706
community [at] rpsollective [dot] org
Volunteer-run organization, founding members include Amy Mosley, Emily Cohen, Emma Spertus, Jenna Feldman, Kim Fennel, Lauren Lamotte, Liz Harris, Sydney Silverstein, Tara Goe, and Nana Hayashi.


CC SA-BY Our OaklandIn addition, Rock Paper Scissors Collective hosts a series of workshops, classes and DIY parties, including:

  • Bead jewelry making class
  • Bike messers
  • Book binding
  • Camping skills class
  • Card making
  • Cardboard sculpture class
  • Creative writing
  • DIY animation
  • DIY screen printing
  • DIY 'zine making
  • DJ Class
  • Embroidery thread/creative patching
  • Fabric natural dying
  • Film manipulation
  • How to start a home-based business
  • Kite making class
  • Knitting group
  • Letterpress class
  • Map making party
  • Origami Class
  • Paper sculpture
  • Photostorytelling class
  • Queer radical figure drawing
  • Quilting class
  • Recycled arts class
  • Screenwriting class
  • Sewing night
  • Silkscreen class
  • Stencil class
  • Street style youth fashion class
  • Underwear making
  • Web design
  • Wine tasting
  • Wood block printing

Festivals that Rock Paper Scissors Collective has participated in include:

a few zines
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