1054 - 12th St. by Frank Rodolph  1

Robert William (R.W.) Edwards (July 4, 1830 – August 8, 1898) was the founder and namesake of Edwards Jewelers in 1879.

Edwards was born July 4, 1830, in England, to Robert John Edwards and Julia Mavis. In 1852, he married Marion Warner Tuckey (Edwards), and they had 5 children: Alma Edwards (Ellis), Ambrose Edwards, Kate Edwards (Rogers), Marion Warner Edwards (Stewart), and Ada Edwards (Blair). Most records indicate Alma was born in Canada, the middle 3 children in England, and Ada in Oakland in 1868.

By 1880, the family had moved to 1054 - 12th St.

Ambrose worked at the jewelry shop with his father and later took over the business.

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