The Ringside Cafe was a bar and restaurant where a lot of people connected with boxing hung out. The Ringside was opened in 1935 by Jimmy Dundee (born Rinaldo Annunzio), and was at 431 - 11th Street next to the T & D Theatre. After Dundee died, his nephew Eddie Butler took over, and in the 1970s moved the Ringside to 13th Street near the Tribune. It was in business until at least 1975. 1 The Ringside also served as a ticket office, selling tickets for local bouts and early telecasts.

The Ringside was described as "a tavern that looks like a neglected attic, smells like a locker room, and has a spiritual effect on habitues that makes them, it is hoped, better men." 2Tribune sportswriter Art Cohn and others referred to the Ringside as "the poor man's Stork Club."

Local fight manager and trainer Harold Broom (born Andrea Carnaga) 4 was Dundee's partner in the Ringside for many years. 3

NB: sometimes the address is listed as 1011 Franklin Street, which is around the corner. There appears to have been a small alleyway behind the T & D.

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