Resilient Oakland Survey

This is a survey running from April 1, 2015-April 15, 2015. It is primarily aimed at Oakland-based organizations.

This survey follows the launch of Resilient Oakland, a new citywide initiative aimed at positioning our city to better survive, adapt and grow amidst shocks like earthquakes, fires and sea level rise, and daily stressors such as crime, violence, poverty and environmental degradation. Oakland is undertaking this initiative as part of the global 100 Resilient Cities program pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation. You can help Resilient Oakland partner effectively with you and your organization, and identify all the organizations that are already actively engaged in helping our city become more resilient.

Over the next few months we will be engaging residents in identifying the city’s top resilience priorities. Once these priorities are identified, we will be working across City departments, as well as with the public, private and non-profit sectors to develop and implement a Resilience Action Plan that delivers tangible improvements to the lives of Oaklanders in the short- and long-run.

To take the survey, please visit For more information, please contact Victoria Salinas, Chief Resilience Officer, at