hawk near Lake Merritt channel
photo CC SA-BY from Our Oakland
RaptorsHawks and falcons. We've got 'em. They're most frequently seen in the hills, but are sometimes spotted elsewhere in Oakland.

There are several species of hawks and falcons seen in Oakland, including Cooper's Hawks, Red-Tailed Hawks, and Red-Shouldered Hawks.

OWL:  We have a great horned owl in a yard near ours! Not there every day, but quite often. Stays in the tree all day, hardly moving. Crows make a ruckus about it. He leaves just about dusk, and is difficult to photograph.

Update April 2014: this owl has not been in our tree since Feb, but we have seen it in the neighborhood, twice.  Maybe its nesting nearby???

Raptor Sightings

Time/Date Location Details
2013-12-09 around 333 Hegenberger This fine hawk is possibly a Red Shouldered Hawk.
2012-11-23 near Lake Merritt channel hawk
2014-01-04 above Civic Center Post Office See cropped image below
2014-01-09 Mountain View Cemetery See cropped image below
2014-01-19 near Highland hospital great horned owl returns about half the time, stays in a tree all day!



2014-01-04 above Civic Center Post Office
photo CC SA-BY Our Oakland
2014-01-09 Mountain View Cemetery
photo CC SA-BY Our Oakland


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