Although Ranked Choice Voting is not a major issue in the 2014 Election, it will certainly be a large part of determining the outcome, and is probably part of the reason so many candidates are able to get into the race.

Candidate Position Source
Jean Quan "Quan believes the process increases voter turnout, costs less and encourages lower-profile candidates. She took on a second mortgage and $150,000 in debt to finance her campaign. She couldn't have afforded to raise more for a traditional runoff, she said.

"It gave us a chance to run," she said."

"Oakland rethinks ranked-choice voting, term limits." SFGate, 2012.

Libby Schaaf Supports RCV "Oakland rethinks ranked-choice voting, term limits." SFGate, 2012.
Dan Siegel    
Joe Tuman    
Nancy Sidebotham    
Courtney Ruby    
Patrick McCullough    
Bryan Parker    
Peter Liu Low-profiler running with spiritual backing from God. RCV or whatever won't matter. Himself
Larry Lionel Young, Jr    
Charles Williams    
Sam (Sammuel) Washington Does not like RCV: "Primaries assure voters own the elimination & elevation process - not the system!..." "RCV really helps me as I don't have a lot of money.  BUT, the system still chooses, not voters." "RCV played no role in my choice [in running], but it does help me. I'm stand for direct voter choice, not systems." tweet conversation 6/13/14
Jason "Shake" Anderson "RCV gives the average citizen the option to be a viable candidate." tweet 6/13/14
Rebecca Kaplan Supports RCV "Oakland rethinks ranked-choice voting, term limits." SFGate, 2012.
Saied Karamooz Supports RCV Page updated by candidate.


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