NAME, Years Elected to City Council

Quincy Chase (1830-1918) served on the city council in 1870 and 1871. He resigned due to a business trip.2





Quincy Chase was born in Maine in 1830. Chase married twice, first to Josephine Cummings who died and later to Eunice Ball. He worked as a teacher and in the shipyards in Maine and came to California in 1853. When he arrived he worked for Andrew Kohler, his uncle, in San Francisco at his store which made and sold musical instruments. In 1863 he became a partner and the company was renamed Kohler & Chase and began opening stores. There was a Kohler & Chase at 9th and Washington. Chase moved to Oakland in 1866. He owned land on Broadway and Tenth, including a "Key lot." After selling this land, he moved to Wood and 8th streets. Like many early residents he liked to speculate in real estate.

His failed business ventures include a company that made glassware and a woolen mill.

In San Francisco he was a member of the "vigilance committee."4

At the time of his death, Chase lived at 3116 Webster St.5




1870: Fire Commissioner3



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