The City of Oakland has a number of Boards and Commissions which allow members of the community to provide officially-recognized input into the direction that the city takes on subjects such as libraries, human services, police ethics, and more. This is a list of all the Boards and Commissions and any vacancies that are currently on them (you should apply to be on a Board or Commission!)

This table is copied from the City's site but has a "Vacancies" column added to allow for easy navigation of which Commissions have current vacancies.

Commission / Committee / Board

Assigned Staff


E-mail Address

Vacancies (please add date of record)

Commission on Aging

Tracy Jensen

(510) 238-3434


Budget Advisory Commission

Bradley Johnson

(510) 238-6119


Business Tax Board of Review

Phillip Lim

(510) 238-7469


Children’s Fairyland Board

CJ Hirschfield

(510) 452-2259


Children’s Fund Planning & Oversight Committee

Scott Kim

(510) 238-2209


Citizens’ Police Review Board

Patrick Caceres

(510) 238-3325

1/25/14 two vacancies for alternate positions and one is specifically for a youth candidate. The Citizens' Police Review Board is committed to ensuring that Oakland has a professional police department whose members behave with integrity and justice.

City Planning Commission

Robert Merkamp

(510) 238-6283

1/25/14 The Planning Commission has a vacancy for someone with a background as a land use attorney, architect, or other valuable skill.  The person must be an Oakland resident and have served on another Oakland board or commission in the past.

City / Port Liaison Committee

Laura Arreola

(510) 627-1135


Civil Service Board

Kip Walsh

(510) 238-7334

1/25/14 The Civil Service Board has a vacancy for someone who has interest in participating in the enforcement of the City's personnel system.

Commission on Persons with Disabilities

Christine Calabrese

(510) 238-4754

1/25/14: Commission on Persons with Disabilities has some vacancies, looking for someone who wants to make a difference in Oakland.  This hardy group of volunteers advises the city on its compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).   It works hard to advocate on behalf of the community to the mayor, council members, city staff, and affiliated agencies and organizations. If you are a resident of Oakland and are interested, visit to apply.

Community Action Partnership Administrating Board

Melissa Francisco

(510) 238-2362

6/26/20 Anti-Poverty Administering Board  is now accepting applications for CDBG District 1 in Oakland, and Alameda County. Find recruitment guidelines/map and application at



Community Policing Advisory Board

Joe DeVries

(510) 238-3083


Cultural Affairs Commission

Steven Huss

(510) 238-4949


Emergency Management Board

Renee Domingo

(510) 238-3939

Head Start Advisory Panel

Nalungo Conley

(510) 238-6405


Housing, Residential Rent & Relocation Board

Connie Taylor

(510) 238-6246

8/19/14 There is a vacancy on the Residential Rent and Relocation Board (Rent Board) for a landlord alternate and a tenant alternate. The Rent Board hears appeals from decisions of Hearing Officers and may develop or amend Regulations, subject to City Council approval.  The Board meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m.  Alternate Rent Board members are only required to attend meetings in the absence of regular Board members.


Rent Board members and alternate members are appointed by the Mayor.  A letter of interest and a resume should be submitted to the Mayor's office.  For more information, contact Melissa Vargas at (510) 238-7072.

Keep Oakland Beautiful

Cookie Robles-Wong

(510) 434-5126


Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board

Joann Pavlinec

(510) 238-6344

1/25/14 The Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board has a a couple of vacancies for someone with a background in real estate, landscape architecture, planning, and/or community local history. Meetings are every 2nd Monday of the month at 6pm.

Library Advisory Commission (Measure Q)

Rosalia Romo

(510) 238-3281


Measure Z Cannibus Regulatory Commission

Joe DeVries

(510) 238-3083

1/25/14 The Measure Z - Cannabis Regulatory Committee has an opening.
Oakland-Alameda Coliseum JPA Commission Contact Info (510) 382-4801  

Oakland Housing Authority

Inez Garcia

(510) 874-1512


Oakland Municipal Employee’s Retirement System Board

Katano Kasaine

(510) 238-2989

Oakland Museum Foundation Board of Trustees Lori Fogarty (510) 238-7372  

Paramount Theatre of the Arts Board

Leslee Stewart

(510) 893-2300


Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission

Dana Riley

(510) 238-2196


Police & Fire Retirement System Board

Katano Kasaine

(510) 238-2989


Port Commission Board

John Betterton

(510) 627-1696

Public Art Advisory Committee Steven Huss (510) 238-4949  

Public Ethics Commission

Whitney Barazato

(510) 238-6620


Violence Prevention & Public Safety Oversight Committee (Measure Y)


(510) 238-3301


Wildfire Prevention Assessment District Advisory Board

Yeda Altes

(510) 238-7396


Workforce Investment Board (WIB)

John Bailey

(510) 238-6440


Youth Advisory Commission

Chantal Reynolds

(510) 238-3245


Measure “G” Parcel Tax Independent Citizens’ Oversight 

Committee (OUSD)

Edgar Rakestraw  
 Emeryville-Berkeley-Oakland Transit Study Advisory Committee       1/25/14 a vacancy for a West Oakland resident to join its newly forming committee. The purpose of the study is to examine the establishment of a multi-city transit corridor to supplement and enhance existing public transportation for the support of residents and new job-producing commercial enterprise in West Oakland, West Berkeley and Emeryville.   For more info: