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The Princeton Apartments are at 353 Grand Avenue on the corner of Perkins, and opened c.1913. 1 For at least 11 years, the building was signed as the Mei Lan Building and 353 Grand.

Less than a year and a half after opening, Judge E.J. Turner sold the building to J.F. Garrette for $80,000 in 1914. 2

A fire truck crashed into the building in 2022 after swerving to avoid a car on Grand. It broke the water main, which flooded the ground floor spaces. 4

Commercial Spaces

The building had commercial spaces grafted on at some point before 1950, which is probably when it lost the front porch, and has had a variety of ground floor tenants over the years, including Coffee With a Beat on the Perkins St. side. The tenants were evicted in 2017 when the building changed hands. 3

In 2023, Clio's Bookshop opened on the ground floor. 5 At some point they added a bar.

1950 Sanborn excerptsign in 2010
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