Oakland Police Districts map, distributed 3/18/13As of April, 2013, these are the current Oakland Police Department Districts, which were realigned to encourage Community Policing under Chief Howard Jordan at the advice of consultant Bob Wasserman.

The districts are available in GIS form here, overlaid with police beats. Question: can we import this please? 

On June 7th, 2013 the City Administrator released a memo saying that the 5 districts would go live on Saturday, June 8th.

The announcement reads:

OPD’s Five Districts Go Live Saturday – On Saturday, June 8, the Oakland Police Department (OPD) will implement the final stage of its Neighborhood Policing Plan, putting into place leadership and teams for each of five Police Districts that together encompass the entire City. 

Districts 4 and 5, in operation since March, cover East Oakland. Districts 1, 2 and 3, hinging on Lake Merritt, cover West Oakland, North Oakland and Central Oakland. District commanders will deploy crime reduction and prevention strategies tailored for the areas they command in order to provide as much focused, problem-oriented and community-driven police service delivery as possible. There will be no change to the number of patrol or problem solving officers assigned to beats or Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils. The five district commanders listed below have the authority needed to impact local community crime trends, issues and patterns. At the same time, each commander will be held accountable for effective police service and the quality of police/community relationships in his District. Most importantly, the five commanders will be able to focus on specific issues of concern to neighborhoods in their districts: 

District 1 – Acting Capt. Drennon Lindsey – (510) 238-3976 or dlindsey@oaklandnet.com (staffing change, see announcement)

Area 1 webpage (includes crime stats and contact info)

Lt. Carlos Gonzalez is Operations Commander (AM) (510) 238-7339 or CGonzalez@oaklandnet.com

Lt. Michael Weisenberg is Operations Commander (PM) (510) 238-3828 or MWeisenberg@oaklandnet.com. He is on twitter

Lt. Michelle Allison is Special Resource Commander 238-6911 or Mallison@oaklandnet.com

Officer Qiana Johnson is Area 1 Burglary Investigator Qjohnson@oaklandnet.com  

Officer Marcos Campos is Area 1 Robbery Investigator Mcampos@oaklandnet.com

District 2 – Capt. Anthony Toribio – (510) 238-3958 or atoribio@oaklandnet.com he is on twitter @area2opd

Area 2 webpage (includes crime stats, contact info, social media)

Lt. Erin Mausz is Operations Commander (AM) (510) 238-3956 or EMausz@oaklandnet.com

Lt. David Elzey is Operations Commander (PM) (510) 238-7191 or DElzey@oaklandnet.com

Lt. Chris Bolton is Special Resource Commander for Police Area 2. He is on twitter: @OPDChris (510) 238-2144  CBolton@oaklandnet.com

Officer Anwawn Jones, is in charge of Robbery for Police Area 2. (510) 238-3326 akjones@Oaklandnet.com

District 3 – Capt. Ricardo Orozco – (510) 238-3330 or rorozco@oaklandnet.com He is on twitter @Area3OPD

Area 3 webpage (includes crime stats and contact info)

Lt. Henderson Jordan is the Operations Commander (AM) for Police Area 3 HEJordan@oaklandnet.com

Lt. Brandon Wehrly is the Operations Commander (PM) for Police Area 3 BWehrly@oaklandnet.com

Lt. Ray Backman is the Special Resource Commander for Police Area 3  (510) 238-7725 RBackman@oaklandnet.com

Officer Michael Igualdo is in charge of Burglary for Police Area 3 migualdo@oaklandnet.com

Officer Omar Daza-Quiroz is in charge of Robbery for Police Area 3 odaza-quiroz@oaklandnet.com

 District 4 – Capt. Steven Tull – (510) 777-8637 or stull@oaklandnet.com

Area 4 webpage (crime stats, neighborhood service coordinator contact info)

Lt. Kirt Mullnix is Area 4 Operations Commander (AM) (510) 777-8524 KMullnix@oaklandnet.com

Lt. Roland Holmgren is Area 4 Operations Commander (PM) (510) 777-852  RHolmgren@oaklandnet.com

Lt. Randell Wingate is Area 4 Special Resource Commander (510) 777-8625 RWingate@oaklandnet.com

Officer Steven Bang is in charge of Felony Assault for Area 4 sbang@oaklandnet.com

Officer Chad Borjesson is in charge of Robbery for Area 4 cborjesson@oaklandnet.com

 District 5 – Capt. Kirk Coleman – (510) 777-8543 or kcoleman@oaklandnet.com (previously announced as Captain Joyner)

Area 5 webpage (crime stats, neighborhood service coordinator contact info)

Lt. Steve Walker is Operations Commander (AM) (510) 777-8552 SLWalker@oaklandnet.com

Lt. Mike Poirier is Operations Commander (PM) (510) 777-8601 MPoirier@oaklandnet.com

Acting Lt. Mike Reilly is Special Resource Commander (510) 777-8522

Officer Sammy Kim is in charge of Felony Assault for Area 5 skim@oaklandnet.com

Officer Brodie Rivera is in charge of Robbery for Area 5 brrivera@oaklandnet.com

Crime Stats Available By District

On Monday, July 22, the Oakland Police Department updated the web pages for the five Bureau of Field Operations Areas by adding area-specific crime stats, adding to the citywide weekly crime report which has been available since the website was available. The new crime stat pages are tailored to each Area, making information on local crime conditions easily available to neighborhood residents. The five Area webpages are accessible through the Bureau of Field Operations page at http://www2.oaklandnet.com/Government/o/OPD/o/BFO/index.htm

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