The Point Oakland Firehouse was located at 1681 8th Street, Oakland, California. According to Oakland Tribune articles from the 1950s, the brick firehouse was built in 1895 at a cost of $11,478, and the property had been purchased in 1875 for $1,700. The mezzanine floor that was originally used for the storage of hay was later converted into a kitchen and dining area. The firehouse was sold at auction in July 1950. In 1971, according to an ad for UC Berkeley's University Extension program, the building was the site of something called "The Firehouse Factory." 1

On May 27, 1980 the 'Point Oakland Fire House' was designated Oakland Landmark #36, under Zoning Case #LM 80-95. Unfortunately, according to Annalee Allen, the firehouse was destroyed in a fire sometime in the late 1980s.2 The lot is still vacant today, and owned by the West Side Missionary Baptist Church.

[NAParish, do you have the link to the historical landmark application which would contain the history of the firehouse?]  Nope; can't find it.  Found other stuff, however.

Does anybody remember The Firehouse Factory?  Or the fire?

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