postcard courtesy of David DeRosaPoPo the Clown (aka Count de Bathe) (1900 – September 2, 1981) was a clown at Children's Fairyland for many years.

PoPo performed internationally for decades, and was honored in the P.T. Barnum Circus Hall of Fame in 1973. He performed at Children's Fairyland from 1958 until before his death in 1981.

Count de Bathe was born in 1900 in St. Louis, where his mother abandoned him in a shoe box. He was adopted, then given to neighbors with the name de Bathe to raise. 1

Count PoPo De Bathe interview 1975 from Lynne Bell on Vimeo.

De Bathe wanted no ceremony when he died, so it was a surprise to many when they learned of his passing. He was cremated at Mountain View Cemetery.

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