Piedmont Avenue Elementary School

Piedmont Avenue Elementary School is a school serving 355 students in grades K-5. Staff and community work diligently to provide standards-based reading and math instruction for all students. They offer extracurricular activities such as instrumental music, percussion, dance, computers and art.  The school emphasizes a college-going culture and all classrooms are named after colleges and universities.

Piedmont Avenue Elementary School did not make AYP in 2011. Under No Child Left Behind, a school makes Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) if it achieves the minimum levels of improvement determined by the state of California in terms of student performance and other accountability measures.


  • 60% African American
  • 13% Latino
  • 11% Multicultural
  • 7% Asian
  • 7% White

MURAL on Echo Avenue

Piedmont Avenue Elementary School mural photo by himy