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Peters Brothers Shoes was a long time shoe business downtown. It was started in August 1913 by brothers Albert G. Peters and Henry J. Peters. Later, brothers Edward Peters, Clarence Peters, and Otto W. Peters were involved, too.

The first location was at 412 - 12th St., next to the Pantages Theatre. 1 The initial store was 12' by 12', and Albert worked at the Owl Drug Company, and would stop by and relieve Henry for his lunch break. They quickly outgrew that space, and in 1915 moved to 12th and Washington. 2 In 1923, they opened a separate location for women's shoes at 1544 Broadway. 3

In 1926 they moved the men's shoes department to 1443 Broadway from 12th and Washington; and in 1939 they moved again to 1439 Broadway. 3

The business was also known for a distinctive advertising technique: a car shaped like a shoe. It was around at least 1920 to 1925 and often parked on 12th St., but a 1942 article says the police department finally asked the brothers to keep the car out of sight because it was a distraction to drivers. 5

pre-1926 photo taken in San Francisco. Source unknown.

Henry died in 1933, Edward in 1936, and Albert in 1940, but the stores continued to be run by family, including Clarence and Otto. The men's shoe store was open until at least 1975. 4



  • Thomas Talbot
  • Jay Maxey
  • William G. Dapper
  • George Talbot
  • H.O. Maxey
  • Miss E.E. Moller
  • Katherine Hallock
  • Thelma Crew
  • A.H. Fitschen
  • George Gundlach
  • Allan E. Ingells
  • Lillian Gassner
  • Mae Schafer
  • Edith Taylor
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  • Jack McRae
  • E.C. Creighton
  • J. Ritchie
  • Al Fratangelo

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1544 Broadway
excerpt from 1925 photo
courtesy Tim Sanchez

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