Pete Pumyea 1

Peter “Pete” Pumyea (May 17, 1844 – February 21, 1896) was the owner of Pumyea's Livery Stable. He also served on the county board of supervisors, and as Oakland chief of police.

Pumyea was born May 17, 1844 in Fulton County, Illinois, into a farming family with 4 boys and 4 girls. In 1854, the family came to California via Panama, where they settled in Marysville, CA. Peter married Lorain Turner (Pumyea) in 1877, but they had no children. 3

In October 1881, he was elected [ or appointed? ] Chief of Police, then called Captain of Police.

Death and Burial

Pumyea suffered from dropsy (edema), and died after a lengthy illness. His funeral was one of the largest in Oakland, and the procession was lead by the chief of police and a platoon of officers. It also included representatives of various fraternal organizations. He was buried in Mountain View Cemetery. 2

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