Pessimism. The things you don't like about Oakland or what makes you pessimistic for its future. 

Pessimism and Things I Don't Like

  • the crime
  • Illegal dumping is rampant
  • so many people do not have enough to get by on. Many Oaklanders have a very difficult time getting the things they need to survive day-to-day. There is so much need...
  • rising housing costs as people continue to get priced out of San Francisco
  • so many social services have been cut after years of austerity. Very important basic services are deeply overwhelmed, understaffed, or no longer even exist.
  • not every Oaklander uses Oakland Wiki (yet)!
  • lack of substantive discussion about gentrification: complaints are rampant, but little sustainable/constructive action
  • efforts on transparency are slow and halting
  • culture in official City departments seems to be behind the progressive informal stuff going on outside (see OPD, City Council, City admin, etc). Imagine if city government was responsive to the needs of citizens and supported (with money, regulation, etc.) citizen organizing?

See also Optimism. Hat tip to RocWiki of Rochester, NY for the idea