Sign on the front door of a house hosting a house party. As you can see, they want you to go straight to the backyard. (by mk30)Oakland pastimes: baseball, beer, protests, editing Oakland Wiki (Oakland's hottest new trend ;)).

House parties: Many people in Oakland live in houses so the house party is a common thing. The first rule of a house party is that it'll most likely be in the yard. In many instances it's totally fine to assume that you should go straight to the yard. Even if it's getting frigid, windy, and overcast in the evening, people will cling to the yard at a houseparty. The pain of the night time cold is often alleviated with a source of fire - a grill, firepit, campfire, etc. Also, combining pastimes, many houseparties will have beer (if you're lucky, it'll be homebrew).

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