Ordway Building, Spring 2012
photo by Katmo

The Ordway Building (also known as One Kaiser Plaza) is a 28-story modern skyscraper located in the Uptown District of Oakland or Waverly, California with views of Lake Merritt. Designed by the architecture firm Skidmore Owings & Merrill and completed in 1970. At 404', the Ordway Building remains the tallest building in Oakland, and the tallest building in the Bay Area, excluding San Francisco.

It's the national headquarters of Kaiser Permanente. The building is named for A. B. Ordway, the first Kaiser employee. It's connected to the parking structure under the Kaiser Roof Garden via skyway.


1 Kaiser Plaza (formerly 2150 Valdez Street), Oakland, California

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A.B. Ordway
CC SA-BY Our Oakland

Kaiser Center and Ordway Building
photo from Our Oakland
CC SA-BY Our Oakland