Optimism. The things you like about Oakland and what makes you optimistic for its future. 

Optimism and Things I Like

  • the great weather
  • one of the most diverse cities around
  • public art
  • the amazing food scene
  • bicycling around Oakland is way better than it used to be, and getting better every year thanks to bike lanes and organizers (see below!)
  • Lake Merritt
  • the list of accolades keeps growing, so other people think Oakland is awesome, too (note: that list of accolades also includes some anti-accolades, so people might feel pessimistic about Oakland, also)
  • the mixture of hills, flats, bodies of water, and lots of different kinds of neighborhoods all mixed up make Oakland a wonderful place to explore on bike
  • this city knows how to organize! we have so many community groups, an incredible history of activism, lots of volunteerism, and a mixed (though improving) level of civic engagement.
  • neighborhoods and micro-neighborhoods. so many different things!
  • though we're not there yet, people are working on transparency
  • #oakmtg!
  • more vegan food than ever!

See also Pessimism. Hat tip to RocWiki of Rochester, NY for the idea