"What's the plan?" is an open letter published by the Oakland Police Officers Association. The letter is in response to the week of 2014-08-21 in which officers were dispatched to deal with Block the Boat, National Moment of Silence 2014 to protest police militarization and the recent police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri, a Fuck the Police march (hilariously neutered to read "Hate the Police" in the letter).

The letter contains the italicized, emboldened, and capitalized phrases "WITHOUT A PLAN" and "WHAT IS YOUR PLAN?".

The letter is signed by Barry Donelan, president of the Oakland Police Officers Association.

The letter can be read as a whiny rant. write more here.

It can also be read as a complaint by the chronically understaffed officers to the chief and city leadership to be more prepared when there are clear signs that there will be busy weeks like this. (FTP marches are historically held on Fridays and this one appeared to catch OPD by surprise even though events in Ferguson had been going on for weeks.)