UPDATE: the Open Data Policy passed on October 15, 2013. Read the policy here.

Resolution Establishing An Open Data Policy For The City Of Oakland For Making Public Data Available In Mac...

UPDATE: you can currently offer comments on the policy here.


Article about the process of passing the Open Data Policy.

In 2013 Oakland will likely adopt an Open Data Policy requiring that the city publish numerous datasets online in both human friendly and machine readable formats. The current web site for city data publication exists at http://data.oaklandnet.com yet there is no policy to sustain this practice.

Members of the public and city staff will meet on August 16th to discuss the draft policy and matters relating to open data in Oakland. Event info: oaklanddatapolicy.eventbrite.com

On October 8th, the Finance Committee will consider adopting Councilwoman Libby Schaaf's proposal to ensure that Oakland's public data become more accessible and useful to its residents. It would require the City Administrator to develop regulations establishing the technical requirements and standards for publishing Open Data sets in raw or unprocessed formats for the purpose of making Open Data available to the greatest number of users and for the greatest number of applications, as well as the guidelines and processes necessary for the effective implementation of this Open Data Policy. 

the proposal View Report (36).pdf