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The Olympic Hotel was a short-lived hotel on 2nd Avenue. It was built in 1928, moved in 1951, and demolished in 1961.

The hotel was constructed in 1928, with 72 rooms and 4 commercial spaces. 6 Apart from a couple of robberies and a run-in with the state liquor license board for selling alcohol to a minor, 7 the hotel didn't appear much in the newspapers.

In 1947 it stood in the way of the approach to the planned Frickstad Viaduct. 8 In 1951, house mover R.B. Montgomery bought it for $1,000, gambling that it could be moved despite what naysayers said. It was successfully moved from East 12th and 2nd Avenue across the street in 1951 and rotated 90 degrees. 1,2

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The original plan was to fix it up and re-open as a hotel. Over the years various other plans were put forth: in 1952, it was suggested it be used for municipal courts; 9 in 1959, plans were made to convert it to office space. 5

None of those plans happened, and hotel became increasingly run-down. The city condemned it, and it was demolished in 1961. 2,3

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