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Olander's Saloon was a saloon in Brooklyn at 1247 East 12th Street, built in 1894, run by Albert Olander. Many details inside are still intact, though numerous pieces of decor have been added over the years.

May 13, 1895 TribuneThe building was constructed in 1894 by A. W. Cornelius and designed by architect John Conant. Olander opened the saloon in 1895. The Oakland Tribune described the interior as "a work of art" and it featured a large oak bar with birdseye maple veneer. 2

Olander sounds like something of a character. In 1903, he wagered with his barber, Daniel King, that he could swim across the estuary. If Olander failed, King would get the saloon; if he succeeded, Olander would get the barbershop. The selected location was about 1.25 miles, and on May 10, 1903 before a crowd of 700 people, Olander succeeded and won the barbershop. 1 c.1900, Olander managed two amateur baseball teams. the A. Olander Juniors and Seniors who won their respective championships that year.

Olander died March 10, 1913, leaving his wife Mary a widow; Robert A. Mullholland managed the saloon.

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