The Ohana Cultural Center was a pan-cultural arts center at 41st and Telegraph. The center was founded in 1984 by Julia Matsui Estrella and _. Its name, ohana, means extended family in Hawaiian.

In 1995 their rent was doubled, and they were forced to move out of their space on Telegraph. They continued presenting performances at other locations until _, when the center closed.

Sonny Lé was the acting director c.1995.

One of Ohana's programs was a storytelling project called "Beyond Stereotypes: Neither Sambo Nor Charlie Chan," aimed at dispelling stereotypes and reducing racial tensions which they took to Oakland Public Schools. 1

Performers and artists over the years included: 1

  • Margaret Cho (comedian and actress)
  • Jon Jang (pianist and composter)
  • Francis Wong (tenor saxophonist)
  • Hafez Modirzadeh (tenor saxophonist)
  • Brenda Wong Aoki (monologist)
  • Mark Izu (composer and bassist)
  • San Jose Taiko
  • Sekio Fuapopo (artist)
  • Hula Pa Leianuenue (Hawaiian dance troupe)
  • Craig Nagasawa (artist)
  • Beckie Uta Masaki (artist)

Links and References

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