This page exists to collect (and maybe even categorize) various Oakwiki pages that are more directly concerned with Oakwiki than with Oakland itself.

This could include “how to” pages, “best practices” pages, “feature requests” for Phil (ha ha!), “editing philosophy” rants, etc. – basically, any material more about information presentation, to help us library/information geeks get our stories straight, using some tag (or tags) to be determined.

It’s also clear that the subject of planning (as in the “planning page” tag) could (and perhaps should) be separate, as both it and the “oaklandwiki” tag currently do double-duty in being used for both metadata and events. (Note that records of past meetings – and plans for future ones – qualify as real-world events, as opposed to the kind of pure metadata this page seeks to collect.)

i think this is a good idea- developing a better (but still easy and user-friendly) way of identifying what we mean by "oaklandwiki" -gk

  • 2013-07-01 – looking closer, it becomes clear that some have already had variations on this idea; they maybe just weren’t concerned with tying the whole metadata picture together.
  • 2013-08-01 – speaking of metadata … it’s time to start thinking about the idea of embedding coordinates (or using the map’s) in each relevant entry, to facilitate ‘augmented reality’ later on (as in, waving your smartphone or iPad around to pick up oakwiki information tied to a location).

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