Just a big reverse-chronological list of interesting or mundane news stories about Oakland that can be used to learn about what's going on in our city and to assist in doing research for Oakland Wiki. Please feel free to add tags/keywords under the story for ease of navigation.


2013-05-24: "Streetcars Might Make a Comeback in Oakland" East Bay Express

  • public transit, urban planning

2013-05-22: "State rejects Oakland’s redevelopment deals — $32.5 million in refunds" San Francisco Chronicle

  • redevelopment, city council, budget

2013-04-20: "Citywise: Injured deputy spells end for county's Oakland patrols." Oakland Tribune

  • public safety, opd

2013-04-17: "Oakland: Mayor Quan's budget adds police" San Francisco Chronicle

  • public safety, opd, budget

2013-04-17: "Planned Parenthood Opens West Oakland Clinic" KQED.


  • OUSD, local food, health, food, education

2013-04-15: "New Oakland ID/Debit card success leads to lower costs, interest by other cities" Oakland Local.

  • city hall, immigration, economic development

2012-04-11: "Is Oakland Cooler Than San Francisco, Asks 'SF Bay Guardian'" - SFist

2012-04-10: "San Francisco's loss - Heading East: San Francisco is losing much of its diversity, cultural edge, and working class to the East Bay -- can anything be done?" - SF Bay Guardian

2013-04-03: "Program Helps Students Talk Their Way Out of Trouble" New York Times.

  • public safety, education, OUSD

2013-04-01: "Port of Oakland documents show more questionable spending of public funds" KTVU.

2013-03-31: "Oakland can learn from top 911 addresses" San Francisco Chronicle

  • crime, health, opd
  • key point: "Nearly half of all calls for police assistance in Oakland in 2012 came from addresses that frequently summoned officers - a dozen times or more - and those addresses account for less than 5 percent of all properties in the city, according to an Oakland Police Department analysis given to The Chronicle."

2013-03-31: "Lack of dental services a factor in grades, attendance in state schools"Oakland Tribune

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