ferryboat Oakland 1The ferryboat Oakland was originally a Sacramento River boat named the Chrysopolis built before 1875, when it was converted into a ferryboat. It was run as a ferryboat by the Southern Pacific Railroad until about 1939 when it was sold for scrap.

While the ferry was being dismantled in June, 1940, it caught fire from a cutting torch and burned. The fire was particularly intense because of acetylene tanks and leftover oil. The fire endangered local businesses including the Associated Box and Crate Company, the headquarters of the Red Stack Tugboat Company, and a restaurant called Planter's Dock. Fighting the fire was overseen by fire chief William Lutkey. 2

According to the Tribune account of the fire, the ferry had "a spotted career in the Bay", including a collision with the freighter Pennsylvanian in 1930. 2

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