Let’s take a look at pages that need contributions here. Please feel free to contribute additional tag suggestions to encourage contributions. This page is really, really long. If you know you like to specialize in something, these pages have Just One Thing on them.


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Wanted Pages | Questions

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Formatting | Images | Image Sources | Links | Maps | Tags
More Content | Oakland Content | Less Copypasta
Wanted Pages | Questions

Pages that need formatting help

Use the “needs formatting” tag


Pages that need images/photos

Use the “needs images” tag

Add new "needs images"


Images that need sources

Use the “image needs sources” tag

Add new "image needs sources"


Pages that need internal links to Oakland Wiki pages

How do you add a link to other pages on Oakland Wiki anyway?

Use the “needs links” tag

There are no pages with the tag "needs links".


Pages that need maps

Use the “needs maps” tag

Add new "needs map"


Pages that need tags

Use the “needs tag” tag

There are no pages with the tag "needs tags".


Pages that need more content (more than just external copy-paste)

Use the “needs work” tag

Add new "needs work"


existing pages lacking an Oakland connection (e.g. about famous people/events)

Use the “needs Oakland connection” tag

Add new "needs oakland connection"


Pages that need original content

Use the “needs non-copy paste” tag


Pages that are being requested

Create a page using the Wanted template to request a page, then tag “wanted”

Add new "wanted"


Pages with Questions

These pages have QUESTIONS on them! They need your help! See if you can answer.

Add new "question!"

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