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Oakland Wiki raises the funds to purchase the former Plymouth Church Towne House and turn it into a community Think Tank, where various community activities including historical research, educational programs for Oakland students and other local interests can meet and conduct workshops, etc.

The Case for an Oakland Wiki House

The Problem:


What it would do:

  • At the start:
  • Roadmap:

How it would do it:

  • At the start:
  • Roadmap:


  • Initial:
  • Ongoing:

Costs and efforts:

  • Initial:
  • Ongoing:

Risks to manage:

  • Initial:
  • Ongoing



Next steps:

  • Validation: What's the specific problem being solved? What's the case that this is a good idea? What are examples that this approach works and is better than other ways to to solve the problems?
  • Funding.
  • Team. Who cares enough to make this happen?
  • Constituents: Who would be our first "customers"?



of course i love the idea of an oakland wiki house! oakland wiki manifested irl - a place where we collaborate to create knowledge about our community, work together to come up with new solutions, and implement them sounds like ~heaven~! i love the idea of having it be in a historical building, but i also wonder if a historical house in a more affordable neighborhood might be a better target (although i say this ignorant of the cost of this house). - mk30

Perhaps one downside of a more affordable historic home for an Oakland Wiki community center would be that more affordable can sometimes = more dangerous neighborhood.  I believe when the Plymouth Towne House was delisted in 2012 the price had dropped from $1.8 in 2010 all the way down to $1.2, which for such a large 17 room historical house in that neighborhood was a bargain.

if the house was delisted, doesn't that mean that it's no longer for sale? - mk30

Not necessarily ... the developer may have taken the house off the market for the time being so they didn't have to lower the price further, since the house was not selling.  And it looks bad for a property to stay on the market for too long without a sale.  Checkout the MLS price history chart NAParish just reinserted on the Plymouth Church Towne House entry.