Oakland WikiLeaks: what will you share?

Suggested during the July 23rd, 2013 City Council Meeting, use the hashtag #oaklandwikileaks on twitter to promote.

Important Warning: Oakland Wiki logs all IP addresses.

Your computer’s IP address can be used to track down your location, to discover who you are. Especially if you are using a computer on a large employer’s network, such as Oakland City Hall or OPD’s headquarters. On a home network, your computer’s IP address might be slightly more anonymous, but if a subpoena were issued to Comcast (or your internet service provider), you could still potentially be identified.

An easy way to get more anonymity is to connect to an open Wi-Fi network from a café or a public library. For more industrial-strength anonymity at the expense of a little technical know-how, look into using Tor. But be wary there, too. Remember: just because you’re not paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you. Be prudent.