In the history of the city there have been many more Oakland Wharves than there are today.  Just came across a list of several which existed in 1916, are any of them still present within Oakland?  Were there more wharfs 50 years before, or 50 years after 1916?  Just the sort of rabbit holes a mind can wander down ...

CIty of Oakland Wharves, Dock No. 1, Oakland, California (1917) 1

The Oakland Public Library caption on the above photo states "The industrial and commercial supremacy of Oakland and its marvelous future are being and will be brought about by its combination of deep water with the terminals of three great transcontinental railways.  This battleship at the Oakland Municipal Dock No. 1 on the Inner Harbor shows, without further need of argument, the depth of water and adequate turning room of Oakland Inner Harbor."

1916 Wharves

  1. Adams Wharf (foot Jackson)
  2. Broadway Wharf (Municipal)
  3. Clay Street Wharf (Municipal)
  4. City Wharf No 1 and City Wharf No 2 (at West term 7th Street S F Bay)
  5. City Wharf No 3 (Junction and term of 14th and 34th Streets S F Bay)
  6. de Fremery Wharf (ft 8th av)
  7. Franklin Street Wharf (Municipal)
  8. Grove Street Wharf (Municipal foot Grove)
  9. Hogan Lumber Company Wharf (foot Alice)
  10. Howard Wharf (foot Market) (may have become Howard Terminal)
  11. Livingston Street Wharf (Municipal foot Livingston)
  12. Magnesite Dock & Land Company (foot 5th av)
  13. Municipal Wharf (Washington at 1st)
  14. Rideout Wharf (foot Clay)
  15. Sunset Lumber Company Wharf (foot Webster)
  16. Wood Lumber Company Wharf (foot Frederick E Oakland)

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