Oakland Tribune Midwinter League was an amateur baseball league c.1918-1928. The best players moved on to the Coast League to play for teams like the Oakland Oaks.


GOSD refers to the site Good Old Sandlot Days, which has numerous historic photos and newspaper clippings about some of the teams. Unless noted, the teams listed below are from the 1928 standings, where Crystal Laundry finished the regular season 11-0. The players are from various years.

Coast Division

  • Coast Tire Company
  • Crystal Laundry ("Washers") - (GOSD) manager: Bob Carter; players: George Murchio - P, Mervin Shea - C, Norman Peterson, Ollie Burns, Harold Nelson, J. Jacobs, Ray Gilligan, Frank Jacobs, Hermann Thiess - P, Hal Gregor, Frank Jacobs - P, "Spike" Healy, Jimmy Devine, "Red" Johnson, Clarence "Lefty" Sprinkle - P
  • Fruitvale Eagles (GOSD) - sponsored by Fraternal Order of Eagles #1375
  • Lee Bertillions
  • Walton N. Moores
  • Zenith Millers (Zenith M&L)

National Division

  • Calatone Water Company
  • Coney Drug Store
  • Fiori-Figoni Hardware
  • Maxwell Hardware (GOSD) - manager: Al Vogel; players: Worth, Fred Gatter, Carl Johnson - C, Allen Corbet, "Dutch" McNeil, Mark Scanlon, Grimmelsman, Charley Jensen - P, Louie LaGrange, Clarence Bolton, Chris Morrill, Bobby Dwyer, Ray Luttrell, Bill Quayle, Pat Clifford, Ed Giaconi
  • Pleasanton Merchants
  • Shattuck Avenue Merchants
  • Thomas E. Wilson (1922) - Clark, Webb, M. Doln, C. Doln, Shoemaker - P.

American Division

  • Chevrolet Motors
  • C. L. Best Tractors
  • Del Monte Cafe - players: Jimmy McNamara - P, Larry Hellar - P, Watson, Ingram, McCord, Hoover, Simpson, Wilson, Faris, Barry - P
  • Durant Motors
  • Hayward Boosters
  • Magnavox Company
  • Melrose Merchants
  • Oakland Native Sons of the Golden West (NSGW) Parlor #50 (GOSD) - manager: William Crosby; players: Pete Ratazzi, Stagnero, Ainger, Lindquist, Jackovich, Bigelow


  • Allendale Comets (1923, Class C) (GOSD) - manager: William Putnam; players: A. Dewhurst, R. Reed, M. Ragno, H. Huntley, E. Teimer, C. Hewitt, C. Hood, J. Mack, J. Ewart, V. Dutcher, E. Engols, E. Ragno, George Reed