In 2015, Oakland Spring Rising Including the following sites and volunteer projects:


Day 1 - Curtis Street Farm (May 1st). Join in for future volunteer days on Sundays & Wednesdays!

Day 2 - The Temescal Library Learning Farm (in partnership withPhat Beets Produce (Day 2 - More Details) // Join in for future volunteer days TBA.

Day 3 - Meet at Omni Commons... 10am-7pm, Sun May 3 // ( Day 3 - More Details ) // We'll meet at the Omni Commons at 10am for a bit of rallying and getting to know each other.  Then we'll walk to the site and begin to garden!  BRING MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND ARTISTIC PROJECTS!  This is a great location to have fun between gardening!  If you come late, don't worry, there will be signs at the Omni to direct you

Day 4 - Seed Planting at Canticle Farm 10am-noon // We'll meet at Canticle Farm in Fruitvale to plant seeds together.  Some of us may go and research potential farm spots in the area.

Day 5 - Park Street Farm, 10am-5pm, May 5th // We are excited to announce that Day 5 of Oakland Spring Rising will be held at Park Community Garden! - a collectively run garden with art, chickens, plants, wildlife and more amazing things all to be shared with the community! This year, they need a boost with a bunch of projects, and are eager for the support! (Join the event's facebook page for more details)

Donate to our fundraiser to help cover the costs of soil testing and remediation. To join the email conversation, join our riseup listerv(Be sure to click the green "subscribe button"!).  If you or your organization would like to get involved, please email our organizers at


In 2015, Oakland Spring Rising Included the Following Media and Publicity:



Here is the 2015 site: Oakland Spring Rising

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2-sided pamphlet 8.5x11 (fold 1 time), art  by Alison Moeller.pdf

Fresh organic veggies grown locallyPoster 8.5x11 color, art by H Steele.pdf

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The Oakland Spring Rising mission statement can be found here: English / Español.

Haga clic aquí para obtener información sobre Oakland Primavera Rising en español.