The Oakland Public Library currently includes a main library that is located in down town Oakland. There are 16 neighborhood branches. There are 3 special collection libraries Oakland History RoomAfrican American Museum and Library and the Tool Lending Library. They also house the Second start Adult Literacy program.

OPL offers various materials such as audio books, magazines, CD's, DVD's, books, in English and a variety of other languages. The library also offers free online resources through its digital branch, including free eBooks and eAudiobooks, eMagazines, digital music, and other digital content that can be accessed free by using your Oakland Public library card, from your home on your tablet, computer, or mobile device. There is a wide variety of databases for academic resources, business research, test preparation help, car repair information, and language lessons. You can also search in the for more information.


The "free library" was started in 1878, the second public library in California. Prior to that was the Oakland Library Association, which was a private, subscription-based library which started in 1868. See Oakland Library (historic) for more about the history of the library.


Please see a basic map of all Oakland Public Library branch locations (including a few branches that have closed) in the map to the right. Help improve this map by creating entries for every library branch and creating maps for them!

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