Emergency Over - we are set :)

Oakland Wiki has 15 minutes of time during tonight's Oakland Nights Live performance which begins at 7:30 PM. Let's wiki this.

Current possible ideas (please flesh out or add new ideas)

  • audience survey and add answers to the wiki live (depends on projector)
    • what is the origin of the name of the ghost town neighborhood?
    • we are going to write a new myth for Oakland
      • A long long time ago, Oakland wasn't here. There were no buildings, no bus stops, no street lights, no vacant lots, no broken glass....
      • Back then, all there was was _______
      • One day, a ______ was walking through the land.
      • They were lost in a daydream, when _____ made them stop in their tracks.
      • And it said _________.
      • The  _______ had no idea what to do.
      • They __________ed.
      • And then what happened....
      • And then what happened...
      • From that day on, _________.
    • what is your favorite street to ride your bike?
    • what words would be in an Oakland glossary?
    • hacking element?
    • what do you want to see in future oakland?
  • - have planted audience members ask questions (ex: what is OBD?)
  • - skit: carpentier (i have no story :(()
  • - skit: enact different things from the wiki improv-style (ex: now, enact "frank ogawa plaza; the grass has grown back here)
  • - reenact a historic rabbit trail (perhaps unrealistic given our timeframe :P)
  • - straight pitch