The Oakland Hymn is printed in The Beginnings of Oakland written in 1961. No author information is given about the hymn. It may be the hymn referenced in the Musical Compositions Vol. 3, which lists words by Ray Palmer, music by Frank S. Hunnewell, © Sept, 1, 1911.

There was also a racing greyhound in the 1920s named "Oakland Hymn"; no idea if the dog was named for the song, or had any connection to Oakland, CA.

Oakland Hymn

O, beautiful for sunny skies,
On hillsides mantled green,
Where Eucalyptus dips her boughs
In Merritt's silver sheen.
O, City of the Living Oak!
God give thee power to bless
With health and hope and happiness,
Fair as thy loveliness.

O, beautiful for golden chains
Of duty to be done,
When race and creed meet human need,
And lo, their aims are one!
O, City of the Noble Oak!
God give thee light to see,
That burdens lift like clouds adrift,
When we find unity.

O, beautiful for loving hearts,
That view life's every stage,
And feel the throb of sympathy,
With childhood youth, and age.
O, City of the Friendly Oak!
God guide us by His will,
As from our best, with loving zest,
His treasure chest we fill.

O, beautiful for tower and spire,
That mark a city's rise,
And all the flame of high desire
That kindles eager eyes.
O, Oakland, Oakland, Living Oak!
God's strength and refuge be,
And may the good of brotherhood,
Command our loyalty.