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Oakland Historical Landmarks are those historical landmarks designated by the City of Oakland, following nomination by the Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board (homepage) and approval by the Planning Commission.  These are distinct from the landmarks on the National Register of Historic Places or on the California Historical Landmarks in Oakland.  Since the Landmarks Board, Planning Commission, and the Oakland City Council began the Landmarks and Preservation Districts program in 1973 approximately 150 individual Landmarks and Preservation Districts have been designated.

The  complete list of landmarks, including photos and videos of "Landmark of the Month" presentations can be found on the official site for Designated Landmarks, Heritage Properties, and Preservation Districts. Anyone that has more time than I do can go to Oakland's new Public Records request system and request copies of the ordinances in this list that designated each of the landmarks, and use that information to update the entries for each of the landmarks with relevant information. Be sure to credit those docs if you quote them!

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