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The Oakland Enquirer was a newspaper with both a daily and a weekly edition, and was published from 1885 to 1921. Their office was at 416-418 - 10th Street. They also ran a publishing house that would print and bind books.

John F. Conners wrote for the Oakland Enquirer. He was the brother of noted Oakland Tribune society editor Mollie Conners.

Joseph R. Knowland, later owner, editor and publisher of the Oakland Tribune wrote for the Oakland Enquirer.

Bertram Chapman Mayo was the manager at the time of the 1906 earthquake. 3

1892 Newspaper

In 1892, a subscription for the daily newspaper cost $4.20 per year, and the weekly cost $1.50 per year.

  • Frank A. Leach - manager of both newspaper and publishing company
  • Alfred B. Nye - editor
  • Adna H. Denison - reporter
  • William V. Walsh - reporter
  • Warren Johnson - solicitor
  • James T. Morehead - pressman
  • J. Henry Cooper - proofreader
  • Luke E. Alvord, Clara E. Barker, Peter Cook, Nellie E. Fake, Thomas Frankland, David I. Gallant, Mattie A. Gregg, William G. Hawes, John F. Hintermeyer, Edward H. Moore, Charles Summers - compositors
  • John A. Sanborn - employee

The 1892 directory also lists a number of employees of the publishing house, and it seems likely people did work for printing books as well as newspapers. A compositor was one who laid out the type for printing a page, a laborious task, which may explain why they had so many compositors on staff. A stereotype was a cast of a composed page, which simplified printing additional copies of a book at a later time.

The Library of Congress entry lists Frank J. Moffit as the publisher; 1 he was manager of the Oakland Sentinel in 1887.

The newspaper was succeeded by the Oakland Post-Enquirer. 1 On December 28, 1921, the Post Publishing Company purchased the Oakland Enquirer from publisher W. W. Chapin, which began publishing The Oakland Post-Enquirer. 2,4

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