photo by mk30

Oakland DMV Office is one of two DMV offices in Oakland. This one is located at 5300 Claremont in North Oakland. To get there, if you're on Telegraph, turn east onto Claremont. It's also close to the Claremont exit off Hwy 24. The nearest BART stop is Rockridge.

Wait times

photo by mk30Typical wait times without an appointment are in the 1-2 hour range (anyone else - please feel free to add your own experiences with wait times). There's often a line out the door to get checked in. Once you're checked in and given a number, that's when the 1-2 hour wait starts. Pro tip: Monday mornings have super duper long lines. Tuesday mornings until lunch are much faster. 

Nearby Attractions

parking lot park. (photo by mk30)The parking lot of this DMV has a lovely little park/picnic/walk area. 

Just a block away from this DMV is Little Frog Park. It has walks, places to sit, and a playground that often has a pretty good number of kids.

If you get hungry, there are a few excellent Ethiopian spots on Claremont within a block or so (anyone know their names?), and there are many more food options on Telegraph - especially south of 51st.


The Temescal Farmers' Market is in the parking lot of this DMV on Sundays.