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  • Dobbins, Dick and Jon Twichell. Nuggets on the Diamond: Professional Baseball in the Bay Area from the Gold Rush to the Present. San Francisco: Woodford Press, 1994.)

Opening Day 1903, Oakland Commuters leaving the Statehouse Hotel for their first PCL game against Sacramento. California Historical Society.

Pacific Coast League

Famous/important players:

Charles "Truck" Eagan (1907, 1908)

George E. "Duffy" Lewis (1908, 1909)

Artie Wilson (1949) first black player since Claxton (1916). most popular player.

Alonzo Perry (black player in 1949)

Parnell Woods (black player in 1949)

Lorenzo "Piper" Davis (5 years in 1950s)

Lee Gum Hung (Oakland High School) Chinese American (1932)

Charlie Dressen (1949-1950, 1954) manager after Stengel

Mell Ott (1951-1952) manager father Dressen

Don Ferrarese

Bob Murphy

Erne Broglio

Lefty O'Doul (1955) manager