A neighborhood also known as HarriOak or Westlake.

What’s this neighborhood like?

It's awesome. A quiet neighborhood made up of mostly young urban professionals and young families with children, anchored at one end by the Whole Foods and the other by the Rose Garden. In between Piedmont and Grand Avenue, so you are close to restaurants and shops but not right up on it. It's also close to the freeway and has great access to public transportation with the AC Transit #57, #11, and P (transbay) that run along Santa Clara and Oakland/Harrison.

Also, we have gorgeous trees! During the autumn and winter the leaves change colors; brilliant reds, oranges and blues frame the streets and sidewalks.

Also, on top of Chetwood Avenue, there is some sort of chicken coop. Wild Turkeys walk along the street and into Morcom Rose Garden. The Rose Garden has monthly garden parties, where residents can come and help with garden maintenance.

Beware of the raccoons, though. They are territorial. Gangsta.

Cool story: On Moss Avenue, there is a old guy who gets up early on Tuesday mornings and yells "Street Cleeeaaaning!!!" really loud, so folks will know to move their cars.

Neighborhood groups/mailing lists

Two neighborhood email lists serve the neighborhood, both managed through Yahoo! Groups: one called the "Harri-Oak Neighborhood Group" for residents who live along Harrison Street and Oakland Avenue, and one called "Oak Glen Park - Richmond Boulevard" [formerly called "Glen Echo Park," but renamed to avoid confusion with Glen Echo Park off of Piedmont Avenue above West MacArthur] for residents of Glen Echo. Many area residents are also members of the Adams Point or Grand Lake mailing lists as well. Contact info for all of these lists is on the Neighborhood Groups page.

Confusion over neighborhood name and boundaries

There isn't a whole lot of agreement on the name and boundaries of this neighborhood (but then again, you can say that about almost every Oakland neighborhood). HarriOak seems to be a favorite, but people also call it Westlake (the area's historic name). The area along Oak Glen Park bounded by Broadway, West MacArthur, 30th Street, and Richmond Boulevard is called Glen Echo.


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