The Oak Center Neighborhood Association (OCNA) (years active?) is a neighborhood group for the residents of the Oak Center neighborhood in West Oakland.


The Oak Center redevelopment project area was designated for redevelopment in 19651. After Acorn, this was the second major area slated for redevelopment by the Oakland Redevelopment Agency. At the time, the Oak Center neighborhood was home to many members of the NAACP and other leaders in the black community. While the Acorn redevelopment project was marked by lack of inclusion of residents' concerns and focused heavily on demolition of existing properties, the Oak Center Neighborhood Association (led by Lillian Love) was able to successfully shift the Redevelopment Agency's plans away from a focus on demolition/high-rise-construction towards rehabilitation of previously-existing structures2.

Additionally, the Association successfully lobbied for changes to the Grove-Shafter Freeway to preserve a number of houses2.

OCNA was the first major neighborhood association that formed in response to the challenges posed to local communities by the Oakland Redevelopment Agency. It was "a homeowners association set up in the Oak Center project area by the local council of social planning."3 OCNA was an association of homeowners (not tenants) and aimed for cooperation with the Redevelopment Agency to achieve changes in redevelopment plans.3


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