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The Norwegian Danish Methodist Episcopal Church began meeting in 1879, and was officially organized December 15, 1883. It moved several times, but was at 608 - 20th Street (574 before renumbering) for many years, and later became known as the 20th Street Methodist Church. It was the first Norwegian Danish ME Church on the west coast. 4

The first location was on Market Street between 22nd and 24th Streets, and their first pastor was Rev. John Jacobson. 1 c.1889 they were on Campbell Street near 8th Street, and were sometimes referred to as the Campbell Street Norwegian Danish Methodist Episcopal Church. Rev. Carl F. Eitzholtz was the pastor. 2 By 1896, they had moved to 20th Street. The building had previously belonged to the San Pablo Avenue Baptist Church.

From c.1903 to c.1909, Rev. Ellert Johannas Lundegaard was the pastor.

In 1918 when they celebrated their 35th anniversary, the pastor was Rev. F. Engebretsen. 3

At their 45th anniversary in 1928, the pastor was Rev. R.B. Langness. 4

In the late 1930s, the church became known as 20th Street Methodist or 20th Street Methodist Episcopal.

In the early 1940s, the church purchased land on Santa Clara Avenue, and constructed a new building at 281 Santa Clara. The pastor at that time was Rev. David C. Hassel, who had also served 1929 to 1934. 5

That church is now Lake Park United Methodist.

Campbell Street, 1889 Sanborn excerpt 20th Street, 1912 Sanborn excerpt

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