The Newsom Brothers or Newsoms in architecture may refer to:

  • Archie T. and Noble Newsom, who designed the Glenview Branch Library. Noble was at UC Berkeley in 1910-1911, and listed his profession as architect on his WWI draft card.
  • Samuel and Joseph Newsom, who designed the Captain Henry E. Nichols House
  • There was also a John J. Newsom, who (along with William Hoagland) designed the Pardee Home. In 1898 a J. J. Newsom was in a dispute over payment for drawing plans for a city prison (see March 22, 1898 Oakland Tribune)
  • And the 1887 directory refers to A. L. and Thomas Dean Newsom (died February 1, 1912; may have been John J. Newsom's brother; worked with son Merrill Newsom), architects, as well as Joseph C. and John J.
  • Thomas D. Newsom lived at the same address as John J. Newsom in the 1884 directory, but had an office at 856 - 8th St.
  • Sidney B. Newsom who designed Primorosa Apartments for J.C. McMullen.

[ Still putting together the family tree...complicated, as there were lots of brothers, and lots names repeated between generations. ]

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