Never Been Idle Mural ( Photo by HiMY SYeD )

Never Been Idle Mural painted by EastSide Arts Alliance took up almost the entire exterior wall of Eastside Cultural Center located at 2277 International Blvd. in the Fruitvale district.

Never Been Idle refers to the Idle No More movement begun in Canada in late 2012 by Indigenous North American First Nations peoples.

Left side of Mural (photo by HiMY SYeD)Right side (Photo by HiMY SYeD)World Map side ( photo by HiMY SYeD )

As of 4/24/13 the majority of this mural has been buffed. Only the woman on the far right side remains. According to an unidentified comment on this page, the mural was buffed so that another mural could be painted on this wall. The plan is to rotate murals and have new ones appear periodically.

Before it disappeared from the street, the mural appeared in a few tweets:


Never Been Idle Mural as seen from south side of International Blvd. ( Photo by HiMY SYeD )